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About us

Ding Diing Close Up

the concept

We are eco-friendly coffee pop-up unit, which was specially made for people constantly on the go. We want to allow town dwellers and tourists to enjoy coffee without queuing. We can be found everywhere in the town: train stations, fairs, local markets, concerts, picnics, parks and other crowded areas.

Mobile and flexible.

Offering coffee for the busy.

Always at the right place at the right time.

the coffee

Our fresh and on-site ground coffee beans produce the finest coffee available. With state of the art machinery and experienced baristas, we create an unforgettable artisan coffee experience.

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the bike

With its eye-catching design, vintage look and wooden finish, DING DIING coffee bike is fantastic tourist and event attraction.

Thanks to low operational costs we are able to offer you high-quality coffee for the lower price.

Our secret is simple: take a talented barista, a great coffee machine, high–quality ingredients and remove everything else.

the environment

DING DIING bikes are made with nature in mind. Our bikes are operated by human legs and can be ridden both indoors and outdoors.

We are producing minimal noise and carbon footprint which makes it ideal for emission restricted areas.

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